a legacy of jewelry


Allison reed group was founded on a 150 year legacy in the jewelry industry. 



two pioneers in the jewelry industry were the foundation of our legacy.

in 1851 the walter e. hayward Company was founded in Attleboro, MA. the hayward company manufactured men’s and ladies jewelry in karat gold, gold filled and sterling silver and sold through jewelry wholesalers and distributors.  they were a pioneer of the private label business.

in 1905, A&z chain company was founded in providence, ri.  like hayward, A&Z also sold and manufactured fine jewelry, but A&Z sold directly to independent jewelers.

CIRCA 1971

CIRCA 1971

THE 70S thru present

in 1975, A&Z Chain Co and walter e. hayward co merged. they moved into one operating entity housed in a 50,000 square foot manufacturing plant in east providence, RI. this is today’s current location.  the product lines were refined and sold directly to independent jewelers and department stores throughout the united states.

in 1977, allison reed, a costume jewelry company with a wide breadth of products, a showroom in england and an international customer base, bought A&Z Hayward. this was a good merger for both companies and their customers.

today allison reed jewelry manufactures and sells 14k gold, sterling silver and costume jewelry for men and women. our branded collection can be purchased on our website as well as in major department stores and fine jewelry stores throughout the world. we also manufacture and develop private label jewelry for retailers.

we also manufacturer and distribute for made in the usa brands.  with our capabilities to die strike, cast, hand polish and manufacture jewelry in rhode island, we have formed partnerships with several brands.  


CIRCA 1970

CIRCA 1970